Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and felt a dynamic response to it? When I first saw Zuster’s new Jewel and Halo collection launched at Denfair in Melbourne two weeks ago, I got goosebumps. It made a connection. It was bold, dark, moody, handsome, seductive, and sensual. Yes, it feels a little strange describing a furniture collection as such, but if George Clooney were to have a signature furniture collection, the Jewel Cabinets by Zuster would come close!

I have always loved the Zuster brand and admired sisters Fleur Sibbel and Wilhelmina McCarroll, who have successfully steered this local furniture business based in Melbourne over the past 20 years. Furniture designer and director Wilhelmina is responsible for this latest collection she created in close collaboration with local Australian artisans. The bespoke quality of each piece is evident in the hand-carved American Oak scalloped door fronts, handles made by a hand-blown glass blower in Healesville, and quartz and citrine stone crystal knobs sourced through a local supplier. “There is such a skill in making refined furniture, and we are proud to support Australian talents,” says Wilhelmina.

You won’t see any classic white marble in this mix either– in its place are slabs featuring the rich bejeweled hues of Palomino Quartzite and Golden Forrest Marble. You want to reach out and touch it, engage with it, examine the different textures and grains, marvel at the extraordinary beauty of the earthy natural stone, and admire expert craftsmanship. Wilhelmina shares,

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